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Our member :devCheeckyStoat: is having a valentines contest!
you can find the full journal with all details here:…

The theme is Valentine’s Day. That torturous and glorious day that gets a rather large portion of lovers and haters uniting together under separate flags. Then there are the people who are neutral to the whole event, such as me. For this contest I would like to get people with all sorts of feelings towards this particular day and to create something that falls under the Artisan Crafts category. Food counts! Show off your hatred, love or impartiality towards the day of conflict with macaroni art if you’d like. ;D

Submission due date: February 28, 2011


- Must be eligible for submission in the Artisan Crafts category
- Must be submitted by February 28, 2011 (unless you note me at least a week before the final due date asking for an extension)
- Must be a new or modified since January 14, 2011 (And not just the picture you took of your piece. ;D)
- One entry per person
- Entry must be of your own making (collaborations might be considered if they are exceptional but prizes would be split)
- If you have a watermark on your entry please privately send one of us an unwatermarked version
- No photomanipulations (touch ups are alright, such as adjusting lighting and cropping)
- Try to have clear images so we can judge your work properly
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Submitted on
February 6, 2011